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    1Party and Mass Department

    Party Committee Office

    Office of Discipline Inspection Commission (Inspection Office)

    Organization Department of Party Committee (Party School)

    Propaganda Department of Party Committee (News Center)

    United Front Work Department of Party Committee

    People’s Armed Forces Department

    Organ Party Committee

    Labor Union

    Youth League Committee


    2Administrative Department

    President’s Office (Party Committee Office)

    Personnel Department (Talent Exchange Center)

    Dean’s Office

    Planning and Finance Department

    Scientific Research Division (Discipline Office)

    Students’ Affairs Division (Department)

    Enrollment and Employment Office

    Equipment and Laboratory Management Office

    Logistical Support Department

    Basic Construction Office

    Security Office (Security Department)

    Inspection Office (Office pf Discipline Inspection Commission)

    Auditing Department

    International Exchange and Cooperation Department

    Graduate Department


    3Business Units


    Network Information Center

    Education Teaching Assessment Center

    Higher Education Development Center

    Bidding Management Office

    Journal Editorial Department

    Hospital (Family Planning Office)


    Science Park


    4Teaching Units

    School of Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering

    School of Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering

    School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

    School of Information Engineering

    School of Business Administration

    School of Economics and Trade

    School of Humanities and Art

    School of Marxism

    School of Science

    School of Foreign Languages

    School of International Education

    Faculty of Physical Education

    School of Military Education

    School of Continuing Education

    Yaohu Campus


    5Scientific Research Institutions

    1State Level

    National and Local United Engineering Laboratory of Water Engineering Safety and Efficient Utilization of Resources in Poyang Lake Area

    University Science Park

    2Provincial Level

    Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Water Environment

    Jiangxi Provincial Engineering Research Center of Water Engineering Safety and Resources Efficient Utilization

    Jiangxi Ecological Water Conservancy Collaborative Innovation Center

    Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Restoration of Degraded Ecosystem and Basin Ecological Hydrology

    Jiangxi Provincial Engineering Research Center of Water Conservancy Civil Special Reinforcement and Safety Monitoring

    Key Laboratory of Precision Driving and Control of Jiangxi Province

    Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Water Information Collaborative Awareness and Intelligent Processing

    Jiangxi Provincial Soft Science Research Base of Water Safety and Sustainable Development

    Water Culture Research Center of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Higher Institutions in Jiangxi Province

    3Municipal/Department Level

    Key Laboratory of Soil and Plant Ecology of Higher Institutions in Jiangxi

    Nanchang Key Laboratory of Micro-nano Driving and Control

    Nanchang Key Laboratory of Intelligent Awareness and Application of Water Information

    4School Level

    Institute of Poyang Lake

    Hydraulic Engineering Research Center

    Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

    Institute of Ecological and Environmental Science

    Institute of  Micro-nano Drive and Control

    Institute of Collaborative Awareness and Advanced Computing Technology

    Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Institute of Marxist Social Development Theory

    Mountain, Water, Forest, Field and Lake Institute