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    School of Military Education

    Established in March 2013, School of Military Education now has such 8 majors as Hydraulic and Hydropower Construction Engineering, Engineering Measurement Technology, Road and Bridge Engineering Technology, Applied Electronic Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Electrical Automation Technology, Communication Technology and Hydropower Station Power Equipment and Management, covering such 3 services as armed police, navy and rocket force, having 494 directly enlisted noncommissioned officers subject to orientation training. It plans to recruit 480 students in 2016 (including 20 directly enlisted noncommissioned female officers subject to orientation training), newly adding the major of Engineering Machinery Application Technology.
    School of Military Education always adheres to take military strategic policies of Central Military Commission in the new period as guidance, focuses on the mission of “being the loyal guards of the CPC and the People forever”, consolidates noncommissioned officer students’ ideological foundation of “dedicating to national defense, being content with basic level, cherishing posts and devoting wholeheartedly to work and serving for the people”, takes post requirement as traction, follows the rules of military education, and carries out talent cultivation as per the thought of “facing to posts, closing to projects, highlighting skills and considering development”. In the elementary education, focus on the pertinence of course teaching; in the professional teaching, take engineering practice ability as core; adhere to the comprehensive educating concepts of combining theoretical teaching with practical teaching, combining in-campus practice with engineering project practice, combining in-class study with extracurricular activities and combining strict training with environment influence; carrying out professional posts and occupational ability training, creating engineering specialized talents with overall military quality, favorable professional technology literacy and strong actual operation ability.
    Under the correct leadership by NIT Party Committee (Administration), all the staff of School of Military Education strives for cultivating high-quality and application-oriented talents for the construction of national defense and military modernization with pioneering innovation spirit, rigorous scientific attitude and matter-of-fact concept.

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