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    School of Foreign Languages

    School of Foreign Languages of NIT was formerly Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures established in 2005, and it was upgraded to School of Foreign Languages in 2013. Our School sets up such eight teaching and research offices as teaching and research offices for English major, translation major and French major, No.1, No.2 and No.3 teaching and research offices for college English, teaching and research office for quality development, and teaching and research office for special-purpose English; and we also have experiment center of foreign languages, institute of foreign languages and literatures, translation practice and teaching research center and other teaching and scientific research institutions; currently having three undergraduate majors (English, Translation and French) and one junior college major (Business English).
    Our School currently has 80 faculty members, including 74 full-time teachers, among which there are 2 professors, 10 associate professors and 61 lecturers, 91% of them with master degree, 1 with PhD degree, having 3 teachers pursuing a PhD degree, and 3-5 permanently hired foreign teachers. Our School now has 2 young and middle aged key teachers of Jiangxi Province, 1 vice chairman of Jiangxi Association of Foreign Languages, 1 standing director of Translators’ Association of Jiangxi, and 1 standing director of college English teaching association.
    Based of NIT features, our School clarifies major orientation, adheres to the development concept of “owning those that others don’t have, perfecting those that others have, and strengthening those that others are perfect”, roots in Jiangxi, faces to the country, complies with the demand on foreign languages talents for economic development, faces to water conservancy and power major at home and abroad, gives consideration to regional economy and other industry demands, focuses on the orientation of engineering translation, achieves all-round coordinated development and cultivates applied foreign language versatile talents deep in foundation, high in quality and strong in capability.
     In recently years, our School has obtained substantial development in subject and major construction, and the reform of college English teaching has also obtained remarkable achievement. English major was elected as provincial-level characteristic major in 2010, Audio-visual-oral English was elected as provincial-level high-quality resource sharing course in 2014, and English major of our School won the sixth place in the comprehensive evaluation of general undergraduate institutions majors of general higher institutions in Jiangxi among 19 undergraduate institutions in 2015. In addition to undertaking the teaching task of major courses, we have also undertaken the instruction task for college English course of NIT. College English course was elected as provincial-level high-quality course in 2006, college English teaching team was elected as provincial-level teaching team in 2010, and College English Course was elected as provincial-level high-quality resource sharing course in 2012. We won the second prize for teaching achievement prize in Jiangxi in 2010 and the second prize for education scientific research excellent achievement in Jiangxi in 2012.
    While emphasizing teaching quality, our School also focuses on scientific research. In recent four years, teachers of our School have published over 39 papers in domestic core and above journals, over 230 papers in provincial-level academic journals, presided over and completed 1 state-level social sciences foundation project, 1 national education science planning, 33 provincial-level scientific research and teaching reform projects, and 34 horizontal projects.
     Our School pays particular attention to the construction of campus culture. We make use the rich and vivid second classroom activity to stimulate students’ learning interest, cultivate students’ taste and exercise students’ comprehensive capabilities. We organizes institute-wide English speech, reading, writing, translation, college English competition and various competitions every year, as well as various foreign language activities like foreign language corner, foreign language culture week and foreign language carnival. In recent four years, students of our School have won over 80 rewards at provincial level and above in “FLTRP Cup” (Writing, Reading) Competition (originally CCTV Cup national English speech competition), NECCS, national English interpretation competition and Jiangxi Translation Competition, including 2 national second prizes, having won honor for our School and NIT. Besides, our School also highlights the cultivation of students’ language skills and comprehensive quality, encouraging and urging students’ to obtain professional skill certificates related to their majors. In recent four years, there are 256 students successively obtaining certificates of CATTI Translator Level III, Shanghai Intermediate and Senior Interpretation, BEC and etc.
    Over the years, our School has delivered a large number of excellent graduates for the country. They are striving constantly and actively enterprising, rapidly integrating into society with solid professional foundation and overall quality ability, having made active contributions to the development of water conservancy and hydropower engineering field as well as social economy undertakings, having been well received by employees over the years. According to the annual report of graduates’ employment quality offered by MyCOS Data Co., Ltd., the satisfaction of graduates from our School on alma mater ranks the top among NIT, and their incomes rank among the best. Meanwhile, there are a lot of excellent students furthering their study for master degree in famous universities at home and abroad.
     Our School will continuously follows the motto of “profound knowledge in Chinese and western cultures, sincere practice leading to great achievement”, takes “open-ended school running, practical innovation, improving connotation and highlighting features” as goals, constantly update concepts, reform with keen determination, and strive for achieving great results in talents cultivation, scientific research and social service.