• School of International Education

    School of International Education

        School of International   Education of NIT undertakes the task of international cooperation teaching management, and it is a department for NIT conducting cooperative school running with overseas higher institutions and academic institutions. Our School possesses a group of excellent teachers, and we can provide students from all over the country even all over the world with high-quality teaching service and scientific research environment on the basis of strong teachers and teaching equipment of NIT.

        Currently, we have established cooperative school running relationship with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Gwangju University, Pohang College and Pai Chai University in Korea, St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada, and other international institutions. We have launched such projects as civil engineering major under Sino-Dutch cooperation and electrical engineering and automation major under Sino-Korean cooperation for undergraduate teaching cooperation, as well as architectural engineering technology under Sino-Dutch cooperation and accounting major under Sino-Canadian cooperation for junior college program. Strengthen English and Korean instruction in the teaching, focus on the cultivation of international communication ability, cultivate international talents, realize talent cultivation and seamless linkage with industry and train applied-technology talents. School of International   Education in the future will strengthen international connection and attract more overseas students to study in NIT. Meanwhile, we will integrate high-quality education resources of NIT, the society and overseas, adsorb world advanced education concepts, facilitate the full improvement of students’ quality, realize coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and benefit, and become a bridge for NIT truly marching towards the world.

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