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    School of Humanities and Art

    School of Humanities and Art of NIT was established in November 2009 on the basis of original Department of Humanities and School of Art, following the demand of NIT expanding school running scale, integrating teaching resources and improving school running level. At present, our School sets up nine teaching and research offices for visual communication design, environmental design, product design, radio and television science, animation, editing and publishing science, musicology, humanistic quality and digital media art, and one research institution—culture and art institute.
    School of Humanities and Art currently establishes such two major discipline categories as art and literature, including 5 first-level disciplines such as Chinese language and literature, news communication, design, music and dance, drama and film & television, and sets up such 9 undergraduate majors as environmental design, visual communication design, product design, animation, radio and television science, editing and publishing science, musicology, Chinese language and literature and digital media art.
    Our School now has 93 faculty members, reasonable in teachers’ structure and abundant in teaching and scientific research strength. Our School possesses first-class experimental equipment in the province, currently owning laboratory total assets of 19 million yuan. Our School establishes three experiment centers now, respectively modern media experiment center (school-level), design art center and music practical training center. Our School has 35 off-campus internship bases and a large number of practical training bases and laboratories, like computer-aided design room, paperless animation laboratory, stop-motion animation studio, transmission animation studio, pottery and sculpture studio, model making studio, industrial design studio, digital prototyping studio, photography studio, painting and calligraphy studio, lacquer art studio, TV program production laboratory, radio program production laboratory, print media laboratory, outside recording laboratory and studio, and so on.
    At present, our School has 1819 full-time in-school students. In daily teaching and management, the party committee and administrative departments of our School always take talent cultivation as central job, vigorously advocate good academic atmosphere, encourage students to participate in teachers’ scientific research projects, actively expanding scope of knowledge while strengthening professional knowledge, endeavor to train students’ spirit of innovation and practical ability, having obtained good results.
    Graduates from our School are solid in professional knowledge, wide in adaptive scope, high in comprehensive quality, and are well received by society.

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